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  • President's Message - November 2017
    Posted On: Dec 04, 2017

    First things first

    All of you who have helped during the hurricane relief, both locally and to our brothers/sisters down south, have my personal admiration. I saw such selfless acts of kindness and a willingness to help that was truly awe inspiring. 

    For those of you who had damage, I wish you the best luck in dealing with the red tape of insurance claims. I know it won’t be fun - never is. We have asked our membership to share any information regarding contractors and/or insurance adjusters to better aid you, so you are not trying to find someone blindly.

    Despite what we went through, it paled in comparison with what could have been, or what we’ve seen others go through, so to that point we were blessed by being spared. If anyone is still in need of help, please call upon us and let’s figure out a solution together. We are still helping members and their parents out.

    PBA Elections
    Yes, I am running for re-election!!! With the role of great leadership comes great adversity. That’s a given! What’s not a given is betrayal that comes from the ones that have been sheltered the most, given the most, cared for the most and done the least. Throughout my years in the PBA my kindness has sometimes been confused for weakness. Time and again I proved that I have an unusual amount of patience for everything from incompetence to laziness. However, I have little patience for those who purposely try to hurt fellow officers, and NO patience for those who try to harm our staff. The PBA staff does more to insure that members get what they deserve, monetarily and protections. They themselves do not benefit from that - we do. The least we can do is say thank you for their commitment and hard work, which is more than some free loaders have done for you. As for blogs, I neither know how to go on them, nor do I have time or tolerance for people, regardless of rank, who are pure cowards hiding behind anonymous writings. The ones doing it are ones who generally suffer from self esteem and have greater issues. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Who would you rather have stand by your side when things get hot, a warrior or a coward(s)?

    I boldly tell people who wish to become representatives, especially those wanting to serve on the executive committee on full time release that they do it for the right reason or get out. In Spanish there is a saying “no tengo pelos en la lengua.” I know it loses a little in translation but in short I have no issue speaking my mind, regardless of who it pisses off. When I signed up for President there was no question in my mind that I was going to put in crazy long hours and failure was not an option. The members deserved so much more than they had received from the PBA, previous to me.

    Okay, so these upcoming elections have already proven to be nasty and accusatory as the opponents plan is to leave as much destruction as they can prior to losing. That alone is a clear indication that their love is not for the organization, or its members after all. And, while endless selfies, attempting to create an illusion of actually doing something, will become more nauseating, be assured that the members’ needs will continue to be met by me, the PBA team members, and our spectacular staff. 

    As we continue through this interesting road of election period, I will proudly and gladly highlight the differences of myself and my opponent. I will compare the accomplishments; researching my opponents’ won’t be difficult. I will tell you what it means to you personally to keep a successful champion versus a new unproven, unsuccessful path. We will discuss the value of keeping your champion with strong relationships versus electing a person unknown to the members, local politicians, and state legislators.

    We will share the value of teamwork style versus a loner leadership style. We will provide the facts 
    simply because they are on our side. Meanwhile, expect to hear nonsense, outright lies and the creation of further illusions to make you believe that the facts are somehow different. I will do my very best to keep it from getting personal, but remember I only control my side.

    I will be sharing the value of having someone who time and again has proven to be not afraid to back you up versus someone who drives away from a county vehicle crash scene involving fellow police officers for fear of doing a report. The patterns of not being willing to be a backup or willing to fulfill duties as a supervisor is indicative of fear that controls a soul, and total inability to do what is right for you!

    I have amassed some disdain from certain individuals whom I’ve had to remove from full-time release either because of their not fulfilling their duties to you the member, or because I’ve removed their use of PBA credit card due to improper usage. I did it, and continue to do it for the right reason, as so must those who wish to be part of the PBA - period. I have no patience for full-time release representatives that refused to help fellow officers during Hurricane Irma, especially when their homes were unscathed. 

    These next four years I will dedicate myself to continue to obtain the best possible contracts, thus putting money in your pocket, and at the same time mentor future leaders that will be properly poised to take over and hopefully take the PBA to the next level. You deserve no less. Unlike others who don’t care what destruction they do to the organization, I want to see it succeed after I’m gone. Simply because if the organization succeeds, that means YOU do too. 

    If destruction fragments the organization, then the politicians, and law enforcement enemies, will capitalize and conquer our division.  I have been overwhelmed by well wishers and people just calling to say thank you for the careers we have saved or favors we have done. I cannot tell you how inspiring that is and for you I will fight 
    anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

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