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  • President's Message - September 2017
    Posted On: Oct 20, 2017

    Looking for a few good members

    This year is election year for the PBA, and as in every election cycle, I always welcome and attempt to 
    solicit positive, selfless people with fresh ideas, who truly like helping others, especially fellow officers, to run for office. I’m looking for someone who wants to do it purely for the right reason, and wants to make a difference in working conditions, benefits, etc. for their fellow officers/employees.

    If you have an unselfish persona, subscribe to spirit de corps (a sense of unity and of common interest), a true team spirit character, love to be involved, be a voice, and be part of a leadership team - I want you. More importantly, the PBA needs you.

    Applications will be available from Sept. 7th and MUST be returned prior to the Oct. 4th meeting being called to order. The PBA has monthly meetings generally on the first Wednesday of the month (usually take off July and January). We would love to have you join our exceptional team, so think about it, and place your name on the ballot.


    Mick McHale, of the Sarasota and Florida PBA, won re-election to the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) without opposition on July 22. Having a Florida voice is truly a blessing to us. We have front row seating on legislative matters with the White House and Congress in Washington D.C. Mick is a staunch advocate for law enforcement and is a positive image for our profession. He is the “voice and face” of NAPO. He is an unwavering, respected loyal team member of the Florida PBA and we thank him for his service. He has earned the respect of all the labor leaders across America. He is an acknowledgment of how powerful the PBA truly is.

    For me personally, it was an honor to have been the one nominating him for that prestigious position. 
    Congratulations, Mick!

    Most senior MDPD officer retires

    Congratulations to Hal Rufner, who, after 45 years, pulled the plug and retired. Anyone knowing Hal knows that he had quite the career. I didn’t say quiet, I said quite. Few officers stood up for others, and himself, quite like Hal. Few confronted the departments’ BS when it reared its head, quite like him. Few officers stayed fully engaged throughout their entire career, quite like him.

    He is truly one of a kind, and it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see another one quite like him. Congratulations Hal - now go enjoy your so well-deserved and hard earned retirement. May you enjoy a long, healthy, happy, and prosperous retirement.

    Passing of Former PBA President 

    Nelson Perry, 77, passed away on July 26, after being in the hospital since July 5th. Two days earlier he was fishing near the Jupiter coast, and the boat took on a high wake, causing Perry to think that he had wrenched his back a bit. On July 5th he was admitted into a hospital in Palm Beach, where days later it was discovered that he had a severe spinal injury, causing him to be transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he passed.

    Perry was the 3rd to serve as President, and years later ran again becoming the 5th president of the Dade County PBA. Having served in that capacity myself, I know firsthand the personal sacrifices a President must be willing to make with your career, friendships, and private life. You have to have tough skin, to say the least, and the heart of a lion to confront law enforcement enemies. He had those tough qualities.  

    Our heartfelt condolences, thoughts, and prayers go out to his entire family. R.I.P. President Perry.

    Progressing forward

    Part of the forward development of any successful business, or organization, is selecting the right people to help advance the goals of the institute. The PBA is no different and as we reach new heights, attain new milestones, reach new goals; we generate new ones and fresh ideas. We are constantly forging new trials, and we have been blessed to have two new members join our already kick butt team which will undoubtedly be a huge benefit to the PBA membership. 

    Nikki Sears, Communications dispatcher, brings yet another dimension to our team and is an invaluable assistance to issues relating to communications and our civilian membership. To say she has hit the ground running is a huge understatement; she has brought fresh ideas and immediately went into action implementing them. Her knowledge and skills with social media is immense, her connections vast, and we have been adding valuable information regularly. She has picked up so many projects and we are fortunate to have her.

    Speaking of fortunate, when I spoke to MDPD Captain Carlos Vazquez about him coming over and helping the membership, he didn’t hesitate one bit. 

    We spoke about his helping the team reach yet another level of involvement, outreach and support from the mega business community. Captain Vasquez’ popularity is not only second to none, but his skills as a leader and businessman are superior. His chain of command, both top and bottom, were heartbroken to have him move on but in the end he will be doing more of the “people’s work,” just from a different angle. He too has already hit the ground running and has come up with brilliant ideas. Simply put, we are the lucky ones to have him aboard our team helping to serve our members.

    I have always been a believer in having diversity. Having Nikki and Carlos on the team full-time, in house, helps us with complete representation with civilian ranks and supervisory ranks, all of whom we represent. 

    Moving back is not an option; looking back is done just to serve as a reminder of where we once came from so our memories never fade. I want to personally thank the entire team for their sacrifice and commitment to others by way of the organization. Strength only comes with our unity.

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