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  • President's Message - March 2017
    Posted On: Apr 03, 2017


    Chief Rolle has been denying certain people, on a so-called “list,” the ability to qualify for their HR218 forearms requirements. I’m sure that in the Chief’s mind, these are people that were not ass-kissers, or purest compliant personnel. 

    That, in and of itself, displays Chief Rolle’s qualities. Very little, if anything else, needs to be said about a person who, at the end of the day, is more concerned about his/her ego than the well-being of his/her department, or the proper respect that should be afforded to those who served an entire career for that agency. And, when working for poor leadership, that career can seem to be an agonizing eternity. 

    Not to worry. The PBA came to the rescue and scheduled the qualifications elsewhere. We thank them for their service.

    Idealistically speaking 

    I cannot remember a time in my 42 years in this business, wherein people in such great numbers have been as demoralized as in the last six months. Sworn officers, of every rank, demoralized by how their 
    department is being lead and where it’s headed. 

    Then I strolled down memory lane. I remember when I came into this job, I was gleaming with pride. The end of our weekend didn’t come fast enough. 

    I was excited to get back to work. My fellow squad members and I couldn’t catch the bad guys fast enough. That’s how we were taught. That’s how we were lead. But, the years rolled by and, while my 
    particular path took a different route exposing me to the unsavory world of politics, fellow officers started to see their departments morph to something almost unrecognizable. 

    Recently, while smoking a cigar with some real stand-up cops, we talked a great deal about the newer generation, how things were and where we each thought things were heading. It was a spirited conversation indeed, but there was solid concurrence with the following theme: nowadays, in particular, cops enter the profession with an idealistic view of the profession and of government. What took officers years to understand a while ago now is realized soon after making probation. You see, young cops begin believing, until the BS catches up to them. These days it catches up to them quicker than it had in police work of yesteryear. And the leadership has everything to do with it.

    There isn’t a fair distribution of assignments, and/or discipline. Promises are made but seldom kept. 
    Workers’ compensation is meant to be just the opposite. Employees are jaded much quicker than ever before. And, the more one knows, and truly understands the system, the more disillusioned one can easily become. In fact, the system is now designed that if you give a crap, you will be swallowed up. As screwed up as it sounds, not giving a crap insures longevity. 

    In the end, from top on down, there are few who care, few with a backbone and few who look forward to going to work anymore. I have hope that will change.

    Session begins

    Speaking of politics, the Florida legislative session is about to begin. We hope to take the first steps in restoring pension benefits that have been stripped by Governor Scott. Maybe with the improving economy, the chokehold will be loosening. However, that being said, there are still those who think that not enough was taken and will again go after the Florida Pension. 

    After all, it is working fine, and it’s one of the top three best run pensions in America, which to some is exactly the reason to break something working just fine. If it was broken, they’d leave it alone. 

    Local super kid

    Congratulations to PBA member and MDPD Captain Tyrone White and his entire family. His son, New England Patriots’ running back James White, #28, had an outstanding Super Bowl game. James White set a record for most catches (14) and receiving yards (110) by a running back. White scored three touchdowns, including the game winning touchdown in overtime. James White attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Ft. Lauderdale.

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. His dad, Tyrone, is quite the athlete himself. 

    Luck of the Irish

    This isn't luck at all, but more of attitudes, a positive look at a bad situation. The Irish didn't survive a potato famine, and being treated as 3rd class citizens upon their arrival to the U.S. by not having a positive outlook and a great sense of humor! So, as law enforcement continues to be treated poorly, keep a positive outlook - at least as it pertains to your personal life.

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