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  • President's Message - October 2016
    Posted On: Nov 09, 2016

    Who said it couldn’t be done?
    Incumbent Mayor Carlos Gimenez is a believer now. But, he certainly wasn’t a believer weeks or months ago. Between his arrogance and obscene money collected by strong arming business vendors, he and his confidants were celebrating even before the early voting began. However, now he is the first Miami-Dade Mayor in modern history not to win re-election outright in the primary. Gimenez received shy of 48% of the vote. And while he did garner more than his opponents, the message was that over 52% of the people voted AGAINST HIM. That’s important to remember.

    Of course, he’s making all sorts of excuses for why he couldn’t pull it off, but the reality is, if he was doing such a magnificent job, as he so boasts, he would have been re-elected. Let’s call it as it is: he’s the worst mayor in Miami-Dade history. So, it’s down to Raquel Regalado vs. Carlos Gimenez in November. 

    Violent Crime and a depleted police force are certainly issues that dogged Gimenez, as is Zika! Gimenez cut more than $2.5 million from the budget slated for mosquito control. He always professed that he has “no flexibility” in the budget for certain core services, however when asked about the cost of chasing the Zika problem during his election, he remarked “don’t worry about the budget.” So, does that mean he’s flexible now? 

    Throw out all the numbers because the November election will be a completely different race on so many levels. The key is how do we prevent apathy amongst our ranks? I would hope that mere fact that Gimenez promised to cut your pay, and did so, is reason enough to get up and vote. The fact that he will undoubtedly try it again if re-elected, would be another motivator to go vote. 

    Whatever it takes, plan on voting!

    Now, as in every single election of every position possible, we hear varying comments that quite honestly baffle those of us who are in the thick of the political battle. Here just a small sampling: “He’s really changed, he’s giving us everything we want.” Really? Really? Well, I guess Fidel Castro has changed too, I guess Charles Manson (for those old enough to know that name) is a changed man too. Gimenez doesn’t know how to change and never will my friends.

    Another rather cute comment: “I hate Gimenez, but I don’t like Raquel's father, so I just can’t go with her either.” Please don’t judge people by their family members. While I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Carlos Gimenez’ father, I hear he’s the sweetest man and a real gentleman. His son is the complete opposite. 

    I’ll finish this topic by saying what I’ve said every election. Don’t get hung up on party affiliation. You have good republicans and bad ones. You have good democrats and you have bad ones. And though I’ve never known a good tea party member for law enforcment, maybe there are some. Vote what your wallet can handle. By that I mean, if you’re okay with having money ripped from your wallet, then Gimenez might very well be your guy. But, at least the members I’ve heard from, hate having what is rightfully theirs taken from them and so the only choice you have is voting for Raquel. If you forget to vote, you’re helping Gimenez. If you hate all politicians and won’t vote, you’re helping Gimenez. If you’re just lazy and won’t vote, you’re helping Gimenez. If you don’t vote because you believe your vote won’t matter anyway, in part because of all the fraud that goes on in Miami-Dade, and nothing is ever done about it, you’re helping Gimenez. And, helping Gimenez is hurting you. 

    Don’t hurt yourself, go vote and vote for Raquel Regalado. Let’s make history just like we did when we kicked Lynda Bell out of office. 

    Outstanding Judge retires
    The Miami-Dade Judiciary has lost one their finest to retirement. Circuit Court Judge Stan Blake has announced his retirement. The consummate gentleman, he always supported PBA events and was one of the first to call and offer support and condolences when one of our officers was either hurt or killed. We wish the Honorable Stan Blake a long, healthy and happy retirement.

    Gift of Life
    MDPD Officer German Alech was in the fight of his life when he received a devastating diagnosis, but help arrived in the form of a fellow officer, Diana Castillo, who gave a piece of herself to help him survive. Olga and German Alech were expecting their first grandchild when doctors told this Miami-Dade Police Officer he had a genetic condition that led to kidney failure and he would need a transplant.

    Word spread throughout the Miami-Dade Police Department that Officer Alech needed help. Officer Diana Castillo, who has served with Alech for almost 20 years, donated one of her kidneys. 

    When we visited Officers Alech and Castillo at Jackson Memorial Hospital, both were doing well and in great spirits. Both officers wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and well wishes. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. To say that Officer Castillo is an angel would be an understatement! She truly gave the gift of life. 

    Son needs help
    Another fellow officer is in need of a 3-15 for his son. Two-year old son of a Miami-Dade Police Officer and a Hialeah Police Dispatcher has been fighting the biggest battle of his young life. After finally going into remission from cancer in June, Alex Flores has sadly relapsed. Now little Alex needs a procedure his parents, Marvin and Venessa, hope the police community, or community at large, may actually be able to help him.

    Alex was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in January, just days before his second birthday. After weeks of hospital stays, several intense rounds of chemotherapy, painful spinal taps, Marvin and Venessa were finally able to take him home in June. However, the cancer returned.

    While at Disney, they had to rush Alex to the hospital in Orlando. There he underwent brain surgery and sometime later was transferred to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s hospital in Hollywood, where he’s been quarantined in the same room since July 2nd, with IV’s in both his tiny hands. Mom and dad are alongside him the entire time and are hoping that someone comes forward, is a match, and comes to their rescue. Anyone inclined to help, between the ages of 18 and 44, can  go to www.oneblood.org and be their back-up. Other police families in the past, with similar situations, have been saved  because of your generosity.  

    As I’ve said over and over again, we are strong as long as we stay united.

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