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  • President's Message - July 2016
    Posted On: Aug 09, 2016

    PBA Gala
    From the compliments we’ve been receiving, everyone had a grand time at the gala. Once again, the event was well-attended, reaching nearly 800 guests. Congratulations to all the law enforcement honorees. Additionally, we had the raffle for the Mercedes Benz, which was won by MDPD Officer Bridget Sanchez.

    This year, like every other previous year, was a huge success because of the hard work put in by the Executive Committee, and the PBA staff, our video production team, all under the direction of Stephanie Womble and her assistant, Doyla Calafell. 

    I must also mention the Honor Guard, under the guidance of Marcos DeRosa, was as sharp as ever. Their presence and presentation touched everyone in a special way. Also, this year’s gala fell on Armed Forces Day and the multi-agency honor guard was joined by members of the various branches of the military. Having both law enforcement and the military present was a sight to see. 

    We even live-streamed parts of the event, a first for us, and received many thanks for doing so. To recognize individuals by name would be risky because I would be upset if I inadvertently missed someone, so to all involved in this memorable day, I say, Thank you.

    Election time nears
    Please be mindful that elections are always important, but this one can be life changing. Please remain focused on voting. But, regardless of your views, just vote. 

    Obviously, we are going to study the candidates and we will recommend those individuals who will protect your career, salaries, benefits and working conditions. 

    Know that we take your employment interests seriously, including  what can put money in your pockets and be kept there. The PBA is a non-partisan organization, therefore we are not tied to any one party. We are more focused on the person, rather than party affiliation. We’ve seen and experienced the devastation that has happened to our profession during the last 4-5 years and, unless you care to lose more, then please follow our 

    Great Director retires

    Miami-Dade Corrections Director Marydell Guevara is free at last, as I stated at her retirement. For those who have worked for her, or know her, I need not say any more other than she is real gem.

    But for those who don’t know her, let me share just a few tidbits. 

    Marydell rose through the ranks, and not in a coddled fashion. She earned her place step by step and gained the respect of her co-workers and subordinates alike. She spoke her mind, and didn’t lie to you - a unique quality these days. Marydell worked under very tense situations, something I can relate even to this day, and always came out on top. Marydell, through principles that very very few have,  turned downed a promotion under a troubled, inept director. She was even used as a scapegoat during a time when there was a lack of personnel, a shortage created by downtown leaders (yes history does repeat itself). And, through all that and so much more, she endured and persevered, ultimately being promoted to Director - a position she rightfully should have held long ago.    

    The only other corrections director that had an equal amount of respect by the entire workforce that I can recall, was Lois Spears, affectionately known as “Mama Spears.” In fact, she preferred to be called that over “Director.” The retirement was sold out and those in attendance were there because of their genuine love and admiration for her. In fact, another comment I made was that politicians crave that kind of admiration, but few earn it, as Marydell has. 

    To Director Marydell Guevara: I wish you a long, healthy, prosperous and happy retirement. You have served honorably and with distinction, and, if for no other reason than having had to deal with what’s going on these days downtown, you have truly earned a righteous retirement. Thank you for looking out for the best interest of the department as a whole, and each officer and employee singularly. We love you!

    What really matters!

    Without trying to sound corny, what has made the United States of America great is, without question, the true meaning of the word “United.” It has helped us through many wars, tragedies and difficult times. It is literally what holds the red, white and blue together. The colors were given meaning to the great seal of our nation, with white signifying purity and innocence; red representing hardiness and valor; and blue standing for vigilance, perseverance and justice. It’s what helps 
    define us. 

    These past few years, we have seen so many families and/or friends depart this life, leaving behind pain and sorrow. We seem to always put aside our petty differences to “unite” and comfort those hurting. Those that have ever helped out anything or anyone, should feel a sense of gratification for they became united, to someone or some cause. 

    Here at the PBA, in my office I have the words “strength in unity” displayed on the wall facing me. 
    It reminds me, daily, of the accomplishments we have done together. It reminds me that when another brother or sister is hurting, their strength to rebound, recover, and restore to health comes from the unity they are embraced with. 

    So, as we celebrate the fourth of July, our Nation’s birth, we do so by uniting. And we have celebrated our independence every year since, but the truth is that unity is displayed each and every day, whether in the military or in just everyday living. Sadly, there will be many more times in our lives where we will need to be united because there will always be bumps in the road, but we will emerge stronger.

    Thank you to all our armed forces and to our community’s guardians - law enforcement.

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