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  • President's Message - June 2016
    Updated On: Aug 09, 2016

    Election season nears
    As we enter the summer months, we will be inundated with political commercials, ads, literature and rhetoric. Many folks think the elections are in November, and they are correct, BUT, they sometimes forget that in August, they are elections too. The August is referred to as the primaries, and November is known as the general election.

    August elections are crucial to local races, and in some cases more important than the November election. The Mayor of Miami-Dade is one such critical election. Yet, apathy and summer vacations can interrupt the thought of voting. But, if you don’t vote, you serve yourself up on a platter for the politicians to do with you as they wish. 

    The other day I read a newspaper article that made reference to Governor Scott and his maintaining a 48% negative rating, according to polls. And, he remains one of the most unpopular governors in America. So, the point is that he got elected twice by voters that are unaware and the ones who feel he’s bad stay home, or arguably worse, voted for him just because of party affiliation, and nothing more. Anyway, keep yourself informed and let’s see if we can at least do what we can to unseat those who harm our profession. Maybe we can elect the right people. 

    Police Memorial
    Thank you to all who worked so hard to beautify the memorial site and prepare it for a fitting tribute to those who gave their all. And, thank you to those who made the time to attend the ceremony. It means so much to the survivors. 

    1696 years 
    In just one day, May 31st, MDPD has lost 1,696 years of experience. Just one day! With the loss of such knowledge, has the department planned for such event? Well, yes and no. Yes, in the sense that it wasn’t a surprise that so many were leaving because of the end of their DROP time. They’ll do the best they can to fill the slots. 

    No, because Mayor Gimenez has not allowed the positions to be filled in preparation for such departure. To the press, the mayor’s office has said all sorts of things, most which are not true, including that the department is up to full strength. Another misinformation is that the August academy class was delayed because they exceeded their hiring practices. 100% not true! However, these days the so-called watchdog, namely the Miami Herald, take whatever is said as gospel and then they look for opposing comments-that’s it. They no longer have the ability, or desire, to do some investigative research to see if what they are being told is in fact true. And, to their credit (if that’s what it’s called under these circumstances) the Mayor’s administration knows it all too well and capitalizes on it; thus, the multitude of lies, misinformation and lack of transparency.

    In any event, personnel in the three academy classes currently underway is what they are touting as full-fledged sworn officers, although they are not sworn and won’t be for some time. And, those who know the business, recognize that it will be a while before they complete their entire training and are fully functional.

    To all who have retired: Congratulations! Thank you for your service and may you enjoy a full, healthy, happy and prosperous retirement. You’ve earned it, especially the last five years.

    Summer break
    Just as MDPD losses a huge chunk of their work force, summer comes upon us. With schools out and the shortage of police personnel on the streets, things can get interesting, to say the least. Violent crime on the rise, the lack of programs, and lack of law enforcement are all a recipe for a crisis. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the perfect storm doesn’t happen and most importantly that no officer gets hurt.

    Use of force study
    Police Executive Research Forum, known as PERF, has been hired to do a study on use of force. We sat with them for a while and shared out thoughts. They seemed surprised with the lack of training, as an example, that occurs these days. In the height of the departments’ greatness, training was paramount and freely available. However, with the cuts suffered under the current downtown administration, training has become a do-only-what-must-be-done-to-be-in-compliance sort of education. 

    In the old days, we had enough officers and back up was so meaningful that when a huge number of officers showed up to a particular situation, the bad guy(s) knew enough to surrender peacefully. Nowadays, bad guys say to themselves, why not fight? Most times the officer is by himself/herself and the system is so weak, why wouldn’t they try to fight their way out, or flee? 

    We still have sergeants that were promoted a while back and still have not been to first line supervision training. If PERF does a fair and truly impartial research, their report must address the lack of training in a department once viewed as the premier police department.

    Father’s Day
    Father’s day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. And, being a father is more than being a provider; it’s about being nourishing, protecting and being an example setter-a role model.

    Recently, I saw a TV show where a little girl was asked if her father was in the audience. Her reply was sudden, and just as sweet and adorable as she was. She said “No, but my daddy is here”.
    A daddy is the not the man whose DNA created the child, but rather one who raises that child by giving his heart and love freely.

    So, to all the dads, daddies, and fathers out there: Happy Father’s Day!

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