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  • President's Message - May 2016
    Posted On: Jun 01, 2016

    Typical County 

    In typical County fashion, trying to get simple public records information is more difficult than an inmate escaping from a facility. The latest is the County’s inability to provide us with notice when a correctional officer is retiring, so that the PBA can properly recognize such individual with a plaque, in front of the board of directors, or at his/her retirement function. Sadly, we cannot verify any information until months have passed, taking away the excitement and appropriate acknowledgment that the employee/member has earned.

    Maybe before I die, someone will be able to explain to me, intelligibly, how simple things are made impossible under the County’s way of doing business. My curiosity has gotten the better of me.

    Finally some money

    As I mentioned on numerous occasions, dealing with the legal system and the administrative legal system 

    is like watching a sloth travel a mile. It’s slow, it’s frustrating, it’s painful at times, but it is the road we must travel. And travel we did! Finally, the legal action unfair labor practice for illegally taking money from the members is coming to fruition. Mayor Carlos Gimenez thinks he has divine powers and can do what he wants, when he wants, and to whom he wants, with impunity, but he is not the exalted ruler that he’d like to be.

    We await additional legal actions that are in that painful system. Again, it’s a painfully long process but persistence is our virtue, and once more we prove our strength in unity. 

    Passing of an icon

    John Collins, 85, retired MDPD Sergeant and former Marine, passed away March 27th. John was indeed one of a kind. He entered the US Marine Corps at age 17, retired as a Major, and then joined MDPD in 1971. He had a 26-year career and finished as a public corruption Sergeant, where he was known as a relentless pursuer of justice. John is survived by Mary Collins, a former Miami-Dade and Miami Lakes Commissioner, three sons and seven grandchildren. Mary was always one of our staunchest supporters. Our deepest condolences go out to the entire family. 

    Sgt Collins: It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your service to our nation’s security as well as our community. Rest in peace. 


    There are always those cities that we pray for each and every day. I’ve prayed every day since I came to the PBA in 1993. While some names have changed the tactics and problems are in perpetual motion. This is one city that truly has no business being a city. Still, the police officers who do an extraordinary job keep that entire city from a total and complete meltdown. 

    I know that by the time this article is published, new revelations will emerge but it seems that, once again, the city leaders have mismanaged monies. Do they survive this is anyone’s guess, but please join me in praying for our brothers and sisters who wear Opa-Locka’s badge.


    Well, since the two main characters of the continuing Homestead saga were asked to leave (and they have), things in general seem to have settled down. A few unfinished issues remain but for most part things are getting much better. And, while the justice system did not have the fortitude to handle things righteously, I commend the Homestead leadership for taking action.

    Mother’s Day

    The love of a mother is like no other; so be sure to cherish yours as long as you can. To all the mothers out there: Happy Mother’s Day - and thank you for all that you do!

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