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  • President's Message March 2016
    Updated On: Apr 12, 2016

    Weird times

    Recently, an officer pulled over believing that the woman in the car behind him had an emergency, only to learn that she had followed him, claiming he was speeding. She followed the officer, filming and narrating her perspective of the events. Mind you, never does she show her speedometer, thus we won't really know if she was correct. Regardless, it's another example of the changing times we live in. Who knows, maybe citizens will chase fire trucks to see if they’re really going to a fire? Why not a fire/rescue truck to see if there really is a patient in the back? Where will it stop?

    Then, to no one’s surprise really, media learned that the woman had had numerous tickets of her own and had an axe to grind. Maybe she had other encounters with the police - who knows? Weird, to say the least!

    As a side note: the video appeared on a blog “Photog is not a crime.” As we are being told, the owner of the blog is no stranger to the criminal justice system himself.

    State of County address

    Mayor Carlos Gimenez showed up 40 minutes late. Was he being rude by not being punctual, or were his handlers hoping for the small audience to grow, so as to give the appearance that the event had drawn greater interest? Only department heads and employees were in attendance, as they had to be, along with a small handful of folks that do business with the county. Otherwise, the place was empty. In fact, there were more protesters outside than were inside. 

    The mayors' speech was focused on all of the major recent criticisms about him, such as traffic congestion, his lack of public safety concerns, his refusal to comply with electors vote on the euthanasia of animals, and his lack of transparency, to name a few. Absent from his speech was a vision, or plan, for the future of Miami-Dade.

    As or the protesters, it was the first time civic leaders, animal rights advocates, labor organizations, taxi cab companies, and just regular concerned citizens gather in unification against the tyrannical ways of Gimenez. It was aslso the first of its kind during a State of the County Address.
    Largest class to graduate?

    The ceremony was delayed 35 minutes, awaiting the arrival of the keynote speaker - Carlos Gimenez. The mayors' office was touting it as the largest graduating class in Miami-Dade history, which was a complete lie. In fact, it was comprised of three classes brought together to create the media spectical, in attempts to boost Gimenez' poor image regarding public safety. Public Safety is simply not his strong suit, even though he said it was his top priority during his speech; a speech in which he struggled reading. The speech was obviously written by his communications department. Regardless of the Mayors' self-serving intentions, we congratulate each of the three classes for joining the ranks.

    New Director

    Congratulations to Juan “JP”  Perez on his official appointment as Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department. I hope the mayor allows JP the opportunity to run the department and gives him the ability to drive the bus. Unlike the mayor, JP actually knows law enforcement and has the ability to take MDPD to where it was in the past. I know he agrees with us that we need more cops, that we need more pro-active law enforcement units, more community policing and more focus on public safety.  We are thankful to have a Director that shares many of our own philosophies and not only listens to our concerns, but takes actions that support it. We certainly wish JP well and our prayers are with him as we know reporting to the Mayor is not easy. Hopefully, the mayor will allow him to succeed. Otherwise, it will be like that old bus, stuck in the mud, tires spinning and never moving forward.

    Passing of dear friends

    On behalf of the entire PBA family, I extend our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of: Key West Police Sgt. Eric Biskup passed away at his Key West home, after a long courageous battle with cancer. Eric was always fully engaged in all that he did, and he started their mounted patrol program, which was expanded after its huge success. In addition to serving the community, Eric served our nation in the Army. As a tribute, Key West Police Department walked a riderless horse from one end of their main street (Duval) to the other. 

    Retired MDPD Sgt. Tony Serrecchio passed away in his home in Georgia. He too battled cancer. While his name may not be familiar to current active officers, he was definitely one of the brightest, and finest, in MDPD history. He worked 1993-2003 and was stationed in the Northeast District, now known as Intracoastal. Funny, witty, and a solid back-up, Tony was admired by all who knew him. I, personally, had the honor and privilege to have worked with Tony and considered him a friend.

    Corrections Officer Daveon Hall was found murdered in his Pembroke Pines apartment. He was 40 years of age. The day before his murder, his apartment had been burglarized. While, his killer(s) have not been captured, it is unknown if the burglary and his death are connected in anyway. 

    Both correctional and police officers are being targeted merely because of their profession. Please be safe and watch out for each other.

    To Eric, Tony, and Daveon: You have each earned your place in heaven; rest in peace. 

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