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  • President's Message - Jan 2016
    Posted On: Dec 22, 2015

    First PBA app
    Moving on up! The PBA is the first to launch its own app. This is one of many projects that we have been working on to modernize our operation. Now, you can contact the on-call person directly through the app. You’ll be able to go on the web page, see events, get membership privileges, and much more through the app. First you must log on under new member registration. You select your own username and password. You will get a confirmation when accepted. Please be patient as many will be trying to join at the same time. Be sure to provide all the fields so that you can partake in many discount opportunities, upcoming raffles, and important information that you will want to get in real time. 
    I would like to thank all the parties involved for it was a complex and time consuming undertaking. A special thanks to Nikki Sears who helped initiate the launch, as well as to Georgianne Cox, who did the layout and the details. 

    Miami Gardens
    Keeping their word seems to be a quandary these days for the City of Miami Gardens. For starters, the PBA shook hands with the City’s negotiating team, after prolonged stalled negotiations, only to find out that what they later submitted in writing is not what was agreed to with the handshake. Old timers, like me, keep our word. 

    I guess values have indeed changed with times. In addition to reneging on their word with their 
    employees, they seem to want to back out of their deal with Miami-Dade County, regarding the Sun Life stadium. When incorporating the city agreed that everything to do with the stadium properties and all zoning and building approvals, etc., would fall under the county’s jurisdiction. Seems the city has changed its mind and has sued the County for the rights of the stadium and properties, which goes against City Charter Section 9.6. So, as one can clearly see, a deal doesn’t mean it’s a deal; these days of course.

    Bottleneck traffic
    Kudos goes out to Miami-Dade for adding one more accomplishment to their already historic list: three of America’s worst traffic bottleneck are in the greater Miami-Dade area. The American Highways Users Alliance found that we have three roads which top their list: Palmetto Expressway, between 41st and the Dolphin Expressway; Dolphin Expressway from 72nd to the Palmetto; and the Dolphin Expressway between 17th and 22nd Avenue. 

    The bottlenecks account for delayed commuter travel time, which costs millions of dollars in lost work time and fuel. The added fuel burn also adds to hurting the environment. 

    This prestigious recognition can be added to the other titles we have deservingly earned at one time or another such as: capitol of murder, identity thefts, cargo/auto thefts, Medicare fraud, corruption, just to name a few. And let’s not talk about the costs of tolls these days. That’s for another day.
    It further demonstrates that our leaders lack vision to improve our quality of life in Miami-Dade County.

    Elected Sheriff
    Currently, there is a bill in Tallahassee that could bring back an elected sheriff to Miami-Dade County. For years, the PBA has opposed the idea but Carlos Gimenez’ lack of understanding of law enforcement, and what it takes to keep a community safe, has caused us to change course on the idea. So, as the bill proceeds, we will provide updates on its progress. And, to no one’s surprise, as of this writing, the only one objection is Miami-Dade, by way of Carlos Gimenez’ instructions.

    Civil Service Board victory
    While the PBA is not the bargaining unit for the City of Miami Police Department, we have many who are members because of our superior legal. As such, we had members complain about a promotion issue that was poorly administered. The case was presented before the civil service board and the PBA prevailed. A recommendation now goes to the city manager. We’ll see how that turns out. 

    Congressional round table
    US Representative Mario Diaz-Balart held his annual Labor round table with all the union heads of the affected area. The Congressman reaffirmed his support for the working class and unions, even though it’s not popular amongst his Republican colleagues. 

    He went around the table and heard from the union heads, covering a wide span of services; airport 
    management, transit, general employees, education, law enforcement and fire services, just to name a few.

    We thank the congressman for his continued support. 

    Goodbye to a friend
    MDPD Captain Carlos Dominquez passed away unexpectedly this past month. It not only shook his family, but his law enforcement family was left in shock as well. Oftentimes, you hear the phrase “only the good die young”- well this is one of those glaring examples. In addition to being funny, caring and 
    devoted, he was just a good guy all around, who did not forget from where he came from. He has many family members in the law enforcement profession, and our deepest condolences go out to each of them.

    Carlos: thanks for the smiles, your professionalism and standing up for your subordinates. Rest in peace.

    A New Year
    As we wrap up another year of turmoil, uneasiness, difficult elected officials, we have maintained, and 
    continue, our gratitude for our law enforcement personnel and our military. We still have a great deal to be thankful for. 

    While we lost some friends, many are still with us because of modern medicine. While we have had one of the busiest years for political and legal battles, we have won nearly every single one. While we have taken some steps backward with overall support, we know that the silent majority is still with us. 
    We still have people who care, like the volunteers who made a toy drive possible for kids that wouldn’t otherwise have a Christmas. We still have caring individuals who were willing to devote time to honor wounded warriors. Through volunteers and donations, we continue to feed the hungry. We worked closer with other unions and associations, than any other time. 

    We still have people willing to face career altering blowback by coming forward and exposing the many ills of departmental policies, administrative practices and /or decision in our profession. In the end, we keep pressing on. 

    I wish you a happy New Year with the hope that you have many blessings in the year to come.

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