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  • President's Message - Dec 2015
    Posted On: Dec 22, 2015

    It was great to see one of the good guys make it to the top. On Oct. 16, Ed Hudak, Jr. was sworn in as Chief of the Coral Gables Police Department. 

    Oftentimes, we see folks who step on others get to the top and once there are horrific leaders, simply because they were horrific people to begin with. Chief Hudak is the complete opposite. He genuinely cares about others and actually has a backbone, fully intact. 

    The well attended ceremony was a fitting acknowledgment, as he was sworn in by the Honorable Judge Bertilla Soto, and joined by his family and friends. The Coral Gables Police department is in good hands. Congratulations to Chief Hudak.

    Good Government
    Thomas Jefferson once said: “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.” While we know that good government has not been, is not, and probably will not be the general way of life in south Florida, we must move forward with what we have to work with. 

    Places like the City of Hialeah simply seem to never get better. There is no light at the end of that tunnel. I predict that will be a war-torn city for decades. There seems to be no leadership in sight that can fix those ingrained issues. Conversely, there is hope for places like the City of Homestead. We just need to be patient and wait for certain retirements to occur. 

    In the County, there is always hope, in large part thanks to term limits; same thing with the state and nation. So don’t always look for good government or good governance, sometimes it’s just good riddance. 

    Criminals running the nation
    I know, I know, but this time I’m not referring to the ones in suits. I’m talking about the thugs on the streets. The winds are in their sails these days and certainly with the help of media, where most of the media people seem more interested in creating the news rather than reporting it. That, coupled with the empty suits who occupy political seats for their own personal gain and not the best for the community, the thugs are winning. In my humble opinion, it’s not long before we start seeing our elected officials strutting the governmental hallways, wearing gangster pants hanging half way down their cheeks sporting their worst fruit of the looms.

    Crazy comment, you might think. So was the notion that the public would never turn their backs on the thin blue line that protects them. As for the media, they’re media. What more need I say? All too often they are people who live in an unrealistic, scripted world, not having a clue about any, or at least most, of the topics they report on, only to move on to the next contrived story. 

    Think about it carefully, whether in suits or in baggy pants, who is really running this nation?

    Recurring moral of the story
    Speaking of stories, if the recent stories on police actions haven’t hit like a pressure treated two by four smacking you in the face, you just might be in a spell. Over and over, time and again, repeatedly ad nauseam, we see stories where police officers do elective enforcement only to be demonized until officers are terminated or forced to resign.

    Recall you may: an officer, who sees an open car door, cares enough to check it out, only to be attacked by a vicious dog and then demonized by the media and anti-cop/anti-establishment folks. 
    Another officer caring enough to check on an abandoned vehicle approaches and it turns ugly, not only for the immediate present but for your entire life thereafter.  Or, how about the officer that cared enough to deal with a traffic obstructer, not knowing that the bad guy had just committed a forcible robbery, is dealt a dreadful hand, forcing him to protect himself and the community. Only later to be a national poster child, and forced to end his dream career.

    We should all learn from the others. One hundred percent of the time the media wants to know what the cop did wrong, way before they ask or care to learn what the bad guy did to warrant the reaction of the police officer. 

    Sadly, the more you do, the more you risk-pure and simple. The less you do-the less you risk. And, in the end, it is only the criminals who win.

    Happy Holidays
    As we face further challenging times together, I ask that the support for one another strengthens. 
     May this Holiday season bring you peace, health, and happiness throughout the coming year and I wish you all the hope, wonder, and joy that the season can bring!

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