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  • President's Message - Oct 2015
    Posted On: Dec 22, 2015

    Nation under siege
    Just as the cover implies: there is extreme danger to life or property in the world we live in. With the war on police in full swing, and total silence from our national, state and local, elected officials, we are on our own. We need to protect one another and just to be clear, an attack on police is an attack on America. 

    The warning signals couldn't be any clearer. Improper staffing levels, inadequate communication systems, unsafe vehicles and equipment, and of course, the lack of support from many of our leaders make it crystal clear. 

    Damn near everyone is in self survival mode, which has paralyzed most law enforcement agencies. The needs of our community have taken a back seat to the self-serving agendas of politicians, and some, not all, police administrators just want to keep their stars on the collars. 

    To accomplish the job successfully, just do what you're assigned and don't take any unnecessary risks - period.

    You won't be compensated or appreciated more by taking additional risks. In fact, sometimes just the opposite occurs. You'll most certainly run a greater risk of being called into internal affairs, which ultimately will expose you to liability and may even prevent you from promotional opportunities. Should you get hurt, risk managements' role is to deny you as much coverage as they can get away with, and you'll be prevented from off-duty work, overtime, etc. So let's be guided by our leaders. Sometimes inactions seem to be the norm. The only exception to that rule is when backing each other up out there. 

    Arby's employees’ behavior is taught
    The denial to serve a Pembroke Pines uniformed officer is something that is taught. That disrespect for authority is festered by actions, comments made at home, and somewhat confirmed through the media, movies, etc. Our youth is being raised with different values and those values change with the passing of every generation. The looming question is: where will those changing values take us? What type of society will our children and children's children live in? 

    The PBA's call for a national boycott of Arby's was beyond successful. The call was not only heard, but it was answered- internationally. Media outlets from every state in America contacted us for comment. National news outlets, visual and radio, reached out to us. We received calls of support from Canada, Europe and even Brazil. It was so effective, that it caused the top five leaders of Arby's corporation to fly down and meet with us personally. They recognized the seriousness and admitted the boycott was "very effective." They will be doing damage control for some time to come.

    Thank you to all who helped spread the word and to those who took the time, and effort, to protest outside the Pembroke Pines store. It truly made a difference. It helped wake up the silent majority, who supports law enforcement, but generally don't get involved, or say anything.

    Courageous involvement
    Recently, MDPD officer and PBA Board of Director, Lydia Marquez, made a heartfelt video that went viral instantaneously. Of course, it caught media attention as well. We give her a huge shout out, the piece was tastefully done and in the end shed positive light upon our profession. 

    More needs to be done
    I believe that the community is hungry to learn true confessions from their government. People get 
    incensed when they learn the truths of how politicians play with their tax dollars and their safety. It’s simply a matter of finding media outlets interested in reporting the truths. Not the canned political rhetoric, but the hard fast truth. The truth of how shorthanded many police departments are. The truth about how departments get cute when asked if there is community policing, auto theft units, etc. The public has an inherent right to know that when politicians speak of taking human trafficking and child exploitation serious, they cannot back those words with action. 

    Collectively, we need to start exposing the games that are played (they call it shifting of resources) with personnel to make the public believe that certain programs, or services still exist. 

    Contact the PBA, share your issues. Let us know the shortcomings. We can expose it, and protect your identity, for we understand all too well departments’ fears of personnel sharing the truth openly. After all, certain elected officials might get pissed off.

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