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  • The Pres Says - August 2018
    Updated On: Aug 06, 2018

    It's August and the heat is still scorching us. As I write this article it's a suffocating 96 degrees. We are in the thick of summer and the broiling has begun. Thank goodness August is the official last month of summer, although we are months away from any cool relief.  

    We here at the PBA hope that everyone had a happy 4th of July and were able to spend time with your family and loved ones. It was refreshing to see so many people partaking in our Nation’s birthday, and for those that follow social media, it was also refreshing to see a small break with the fighting amongst our friends about the different political views they hold. At least on that day nobody could disagree that this is a great country and that we are all extremely thankful to those who have served, or who are currently serving this great country of ours. To all our First Responders who were working the holiday, know that your dedication to the community does not go unnoticed. We see you and say “thank you.”

    The election season is upon us, and soon our mailboxes will be overflowing with campaign literature for folks that are running for Congress and for local State and County municipal races. We here at the PBA have been meeting with candidates to let them know the concerns we in public safety have, and those issues we will continue to fight for. As I have said in the past, in my opinion it is important to vote for the person and not the party. We have a list of endorsements that we are preparing that will affect us all in Miami-Dade County. We hope that everyone will take the time to review it and vote the PBA way. A lot of time and effort goes into making sure that we get people elected that will make public safety a priority. 

    On June 22nd, the PBA held its first annual domino tournament, with all proceeds benefitting the Love Fund, Inc. What a night it was! The room was packed to capacity and everyone enjoyed the fellowship, great food and drinks. Overall it was a very successful evening. There was such a great turnout we had to turn away some teams, and we are sorry for that, but not to worry - we are in the process of planning another tournament in the next few months. Everyone was a winner that night especially the Love Fund, which comes to the aid of law enforcement officers and their families in times of need. 

    We've had a lot of retirements recently for some awesome individuals that have made a career out of helping others. One of our recent retirees was Major Gadyaces Serralta, a.k.a. Gady, who retired after 28 years of service with the MDPD and has now moved on and was appointed and confirmed by the U.S. 

    Congress as our next U.S. Marshal for the Southern District of Florida. We here at the PBA want to congratulate him on a job well done. Gady is following the footsteps of another MDPD officer, Amos Rojas Jr., whose term had expired. Rojas had served with the Huntsville, Alabama Police Department, the South Miami Police Department and our very own Miami-Dade Police Department before joining the U.S. Marshals Service. 

    I would also like to congratulate another great man  who is retiring, Hal Johnson. A lot of people reading this article may not know who Hal Johnson is, but for the last 39 years, Hal has been a champion for law enforcement throughout the State of Florida. Hal is retiring as the Florida PBA’s General Counsel. Hal has been instrumental in fighting for a lot of issues that effect us, like the Officers Bill of Rights and the DROP. He stayed on the cutting edge of issues that effect all of us in law enforcement throughout the state. We here at the Dade County PBA congratulate Hal and Gady along with everyone else who is beginning to enjoy their well-earned retirements. 

    We had another close call last month. Fortunately, the good guys won and the bad guys lost. MDPD Officer Paul Fluty was shot, but is making a remarkable recovery.

    In closing, please remember to get your Wills done. 

  • Dade County Police Benevolent Association

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