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  • August 2015
    Posted On: Sep 16, 2015

    Passing of a friends
    The loss of our old friends never gets any easier, and it seems that we are losing so many of our old timers, as we call them, but trailblazers if you sit and think a bit. One of those trailblazers was Retired MDPD Sergeant Pat Martin (formerly Pat Leonard) who passed recently, leaving behind a husband, retired MDPD Lieutenant Larry Martin (father of MDPD Officer Joey Martin killed in the line of duty).

    Pat was one of the very first women on the department and she rose to the rank of sergeant. She served as a GIU supervisor at Intracoastal District (when it was known as Northeast District) just prior to her retirement. She was an easy supervisor to work for, was an impeccable dresser and simply put - a classy lady. 

    Pat: Thank you for your warmth, friendship and service. Rest in peace.

    Another passing of a trailblazer was that of Thelma Harris. Thelma, the first African American female to serve on MDPD, was a sweet, gentle, classy lady who seemed to always have a kind word about everyone. She served from 1962 until 1982. She too worked the Northeast district and shall be remembered for her tenderness.

    Thelma: your sweetness will be sorely missed. Thank you for your tenderness and peace that you instilled in all around you. Rest in peace.

    After a long battle with cancer, Deputy Thomas O’Keefe, Jr. passed away on Saturday, July 4, 2015, in the comfort of his home amongst family and friends. Deputy O’Keefe began his career with the Broward Sheriff’s Office September 8, 2003, serving the Dania Beach District.

    Deputy O’Keefe is survived by his wife Jessica and their daughter Mackenzie and parents retired MDPD Officer Thomas O’Keefe, Sr. and Mrs. Leslie O’Keefe.  Tommy Jr. followed his father’s footsteps by entering the law enforcement profession as a Broward County deputy Sheriff.

    Our sincerest condolences go to the entire O’Keefe family, and the entire BSO family. May Tommy rest in peace. 

    Sweetwater PD

    Sweetwater PD Continues to be a hot bed with folks jockeying for rank if they support the new Chief to be ratified to his slot. Seldom do we see departments with nearly as much rank as officers. Be that as it may, the changes sort of bring me back to when I first became president in 1993 and we had to take every issue to court until the city asked for peace. So, the best advice I can offer is comply with the law and contract and you can make all the generals you wish.

    Homestead PD

    Homestead PD officials should pray every second of every day that Miami-Dade has a weak, and painfully slow, criminal justice system. In the meantime, several cases linger and the law firms are massaging that cash cow which will make the settlement amounts look like child's play. Despite Chief Rolle’s attempts to intimidate his work force, he would be shocked to learn who, and how many, amongst HIS troops feed us the information we put out. 

    The Public Defender’s office, media and civil cases will undoubtedly help the flimsy criminal system. In any other county, several top people would have been incarcerated; posted bond and either have gone to trial or negotiated a plea deal. But, here in Miami-Dade County we embrace misdeeds and at times criminal activity. I'm still very optimistic that some, but probably not all, of the rotten apples in authority will be facing charges, at some point in time. 

    Once media outlets really sink their teeth into the shenanigans within the command staff, things will change forever- for the better; I hope.

    Miami-Dade County

    One thing for sure is that this is, without doubt or debate, the worst administration in modern history. There was a point in time that I kind of stopped reading and watching the news because it was the same regurgitated garbage. However, these days I sort of look forward to learning of yet another County blunder. 

    From not knowing what fleet of vehicles they had, major screw up with the mileage rates, to co- mingling of funds from special taxing districts, and quite frankly, everything else in between. These are the issues that have been spoken about. How many other mistakes have been swept under the rug? Carlos Gimenez, by far, is the most inept leadership we have ever seen. And, why change when you're so successful at failing? 

    Speaking of failing: Gimenez' paid consultant, or whatever they are calling these operatives these days, hired a group of folks to attempt to assemble a protest in a poor attempt to silence us. Our information indicates that we are impacting Gimenez' attempt to escape from the high negatives he has. Gimenez recognizes that he is in trouble within the Hispanic voters and must attempt to win over other segments of the voting population. 

    So, anyway, a group of paid so-called protesters stood outside and across the street from the PBA. The group’s leader was chanting “Apologize John!” They were supposedly upset over my exposing Gimenez' weak attempts to win over people with the body worn camera, the thing is that I was on Spanish TV, with Mayoral candidate Raquel Regalado, and not a single protester speaks the language, nor did they know the name of the show I was on, or the channel it was on. What was discovered is something that we knew all along but had not been acknowledged until now. Gimenez pays to have certain TV and radio shows recorded. Then they transcribe it for Gimenez.

    Well, it was hot as hell and I felt sorry for the peaceful, but small, group and brought them Papa John’s pizza (no one got the play on the brand) and ice cold water. The ones that ate the pizza and took the water were very grateful. One even acknowledged he was being paid but wouldn't share how much. But, he assured us it was more than ten dollars. The rest of the group then took off before I could offer the rest of the pizza. Oh well, as least we’re hospitable.

    Click here for Message from the President archives.

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